Save Intentionally, Live Intentionally. 

Saving isn't about what's left over.

Saving money should be done intentionally and not just from the left over change of your daily purchases. This concept of spending money to save money doesn't make sense, does it? We have a better way.

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Saving and Budgeting

Unlike other platforms that simply act as a ledger requiring manual reconciliation, our platform allows you to create and fund individual Money Clouds™ for each of the things you are saving for.

Your Money. Your Plan. 

Deposit and set aside money to help you stay committed to reaching your financial goals. Start intentionally saving for things like a vacation, wedding, new car, or your baby's first year.

Group and Social

Group Money Clouds™ make collecting and saving money easy and awkward free. Jointly gather funds for your Girls' Night Out, a gift for a friend or loved one, or membership dues for a league, organization, or association.

Your Money. Your Control. 

Each of your Money Clouds™ is private by default. You have the option to give individual Clouds social visibility which allows others to help you save for things like college, a home remodel, or unexpected expense.

Gifting and Giving

It's always better to give than to receive and the Money Clouds™ platform makes this even easier. Help a loved one with medical expenses, contribute to the relief efforts of a natural disaster, or ensure your best friend makes it to that dream honeymoon destination.

Your Money. Connected. 

Whatever the cause, you have the freedom to use your Cloud Money™ the way you want with the people you want, so you can share, participate, and connect with one another online.

Conveniently link your checking account to fund each of your Money Clouds™

Your money is securely held in a federally chartered, FDIC insured bank account

Your money and information are fully protected

Saving and contributing your Cloud Money™ with family and friends is FREE