Save Intentionally, Live Intentionally. 

Money Clouds™ is a personal and social savings app that helps customers gain control of finances by making saving money easy, interactive, and enjoyable.

Connect with family and friends, contribute to the goals of others, and save together for shared savings goals.

Saving and Budgeting

Unlike other platforms that simply act as a ledger, our platform allows you deposit and set aside money for things you are saving for.

Whether it's your next vacation, a baby on the way, or an engagement ring, create an indvidual Money Cloud™ for each of your financial goals and start saving with intention.

Group and Social

Group Money Clouds™ make collecting and saving money easy and awkward free.

Together you can gather funds for your Girls' Night Out, a gift for a friend or loved one, or membership dues for a league, organization, or association.

Gifting and Giving

It's always better to give than to receive and the Money Clouds™ app makes this even easier.

Help a loved one with medical expenses, contribute to the relief efforts of a natural disaster, or ensure your best friend makes it to that dream honeymoon destination.

Conveniently link your checking account to fund each of your Money Clouds™

Your money is securely held in a federally chartered, FDIC insured bank account

Your money and information are fully protected

Creating, saving money in, and withdrawing money from as many Clouds as you desire is FREE. The ultimate in personal savings.