Our Team


Jason Conway, Founder and CEO

Jason Conway is a 20-year veteran of the software development industry and an experienced entrepreneur. As founder of technology professional services firms Salient6 and FNX Studios, Jason helped lead both firms to profitability, participated in business development, product and service direction and delivery, and overall client and employee satisfaction among a wide range of additional responsibilities. His former clients (to name a few) include Microsoft, Nike, Regence, Lexis Nexis, Oakwood, and WatchGuard. As an avid developer of mobile applications, Jason helped create notable properties like Show of Hands, whose content was featured on the nationally televised show America's Money Class with Suzie Orman on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

As Chairman and CEO of Quemulus, Inc., Jason is primarily responsible for guiding platform direction and development, securing and managing strategic partnerships, and ensuring overall follow through and consistency with the company's vision - to significantly improve the way people save money both privately and socially. Under Jason's leadership, Quemulus and its Money Clouds platform aims to create the most user-friendly mobile money application - with a focus on intention - that allows customers to easily interact with, budget, and save money.



Jaison Green, Director of Product Development

Jaison Green is a 20-year programming veteran and mobile applications consultant that has built mobile apps for the American Heart Association and the New York Public Library. As the Director of Product Development, Jaison is responsible for the development and rollout of the Money Clouds platform which will first be available on iOS devices with Android, Windows, and web to come soon after so that customers have access no matter what. Jaison is excited to push the Money Clouds platform beyond financial savings and budgeting to become the most efficient, secure way for customers to use and contribute their money online.



Charlee Van Wagenen, Director of Operations

With her experiences at ING Financial Partners, Regus Group, and Pacific Crest Realty Advisors, Charlee Van Wagenen is acutely aware of the importance of listening to and taking appropriate action with customer needs and feedback. Charlee's passion for working with people is what drives her vision in creative marketing and keeps her focused and accountable. As Director of Operations, Charlee is committed to enhancing and ensuring the highest quality experience and satisfaction with customers of the Money Clouds platform. Her many responsibilities include customer engagement, adoption and retention, market research, and overall go-to-market strategy. Charlee holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Psychology from Washington State University.