Say Hello to Money Clouds 1.5!

Mr. Green here -

We're especially excited about this latest update because it serves as the launching point for the next phase in the Money Clouds journey. We've had many conversations with customers and have been working hard to incorporate this feedback into the next iteration of our product. This particular update includes the removal of some of the app's current "social" features in order to redesign and prepare for the upcoming changes. We can't say too much yet - but these changes are going to be BIG. We will be announcing our upcoming changes via FacebookTwitter, and email - so make sure to follow along for the latest news! Our newest released changes include:

  • Removed Friendcast from the public profile view
  • Removed Public Clouds
  • Removed Shared Clouds
  • Removed Cloud Visibility
  • Removed the ability to share Clouds on social media
  • Removed the ability to send money
  • Changed the public profile view to a popover type view
  • Fixed an error when you selected an existing connection while finding connections to send a message to
  • Fixed a crash issue when viewing contacts with no phone number

If you have any questions about this release or anything else, send us an email at - we always welcome customer questions and feedback!

Looking forward to sharing what's next for Money Clouds with you!

Happy Saving,

Mr. Green

Charlee Van Wagenen