My Homeward Pet Experience

Cats. Need I say more?

I love cats. If there is anything you need to know about me, it’s that I love my two little girls more than words can express. For the past couple years, I’ve seen a trend in presents from my friends. Cat cards, cat mugs, cat aprons, cat t-shirts…I may or may not have a problem. Hello, my name is Charlee and I’m a crazy cat lady.

I got my first pet when I was in 4th grade living in California. I went with my mom to the mall (back then they still had pet shops in malls). We walked in, went to a cage with this adorable black, white, and grey kitten, and the store attendant opened the cage door. I kid you not, (my mother can attest to this) he jumped right out of the cage and into my arms. It was love at first purr. I named him Gibson, after my main crush, Mel Gibson. I know I know, here stems another problem.  But let’s stick to the cats. From that day forward I was obsessed.

After I graduated college, I lived at home for a while and got some quality time with Gibson before I moved out on my own. It was really hard to leave him behind. I knew there was only one cure for being cat sick and living alone in the big city. ANOTHER CAT! I knew that adoption was the way I wanted to go, so my best friend Betsy and I went to a few different places one Saturday morning. No luck. I held a few kittens, but it just wasn’t a match. Betsy called one last place she found on Google called Homeward Pet Adoption Center. We punched in the address to our GPS and off we went.

When we walked in, the first thing I saw was a play room for the older cats right in the lobby, I knew this was my kind of place. A very nice woman greeted me at the front desk, she had me fill out some paperwork, and then the adoption counselor took me into the back to check out the kittens. I walked down a hall, turned a corner, and entered the land of dreams. There she was. An adorable grey, green eyed, fluff ball. I took her out, snuggled her, and instantly melted. After all the adoption paperwork was filled out, Betsy and I drove back to my apartment as she sat in her little carrier labeled “precious cargo”. Precious cargo indeed. My heart was full. For 3 years Louee Anne (aka Pretty Girl), has brought so much love to my life. She makes me work for it every day and I love it. 

About a year after adopting her, I made a big change in our lives. I decided to move in to a new place with my boyfriend. He wasn’t exactly thrilled about having a pet in the house, but Pretty Girl quickly grew on him and I was now having to fight for love as she was turning into a Papa’s girl before my very eyes. One night we were sitting in the living room watching TV and I nonchalantly brought up the idea of adopting another kitten to give Pretty Girl some company. To my amazement, he thought that was a good idea…WHAT?!? So the very next morning we set out to Homeward Pet to get there right when it opened.

Same thing as before: warm greeting, paperwork, CAT PLAYROOM, and the cat sanctuary (aka land of dreams). This time we walked up to the cage opposite from before and there was one, TINY little calico, all bones and ears. She was alone all night as her other siblings had been adopted the day before. We were told that she was the runt of the litter. She stood up as we approached and pushed her tiny little body up against the cage to welcome us (she still does that move today). Her purr was out of this world, it radiated through her entire body. My boyfriend tells this story all the time because he said my entire body tensed up, I put both hands on my mouth, looked up at him with excitement, and he knew we were in trouble. I hadn’t even touched her yet and she was mine.  My boyfriend calmed me down and urged me to look around, so I amused him and did. However, the adoption counselor already knew and before we walked around to check out the other cats, she put an “Adopted” sign on her cage.

The drive home was wonderful, holding another carrier labeled “Precious Cargo” that held our sweet little Ellee Belle. The shelter provides all new adopters a book called “Think Like a Cat”, in here there was a chapter on introducing new cats to the home, the advice was great, we followed all the steps, and before we knew it the girls were like two adorably fluffy peas in a pod. Cuddle buddies, playful friends, and loving companions.

Homeward Pet has made such a huge impact on our lives. They took the time to vet us and make sure we were the right fit for our girls. We thought that by adopting we were helping these animals out, when really they have given us so much more in return.


Thank You Homeward Pet!

Charlee Van Wagenen