Money Clouds Holiday Fundraiser for Homeward Pet Adoption Center

There’s something about December. Call it the holiday spirit – the seemingly endless joy, overflowing spirit of gratitude, and time spent celebrating with loved ones. It’s magical. More than any other, this is the season when people want to give back.  So when the release of our web-based Cloud Contributions feature fell smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, we knew that hosting a fundraiser would be an excellent way to give back to our community while familiarizing our customers with our newest money management tool at the same time.

Brainstorming a meaningful cause that each team member could identify with was easier than you might imagine. Here’s the thing, it’s not uncommon for the Money Clouds pets to make frequent appearances during team Skype calls.  It’s also very likely that we’ll discuss a pet’s latest antics at the beginning of meetings. We at Money Clouds are animal lovers just like you. Throughout the years, several team members have formed a relationship with one local shelter in particular – Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, WA.

Homeward Pet is a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter that also provides spay/neuter services and low-cost medical care to pets of low-income families. They provide training classes and behavioral advice to new pet owners and also run the Homeward Pet Food Bank for furry friends who are going through tough times. On top of all this, Homeward Pet will often rescue sick, abandoned, or threatened animals from around the world - flying them back to Woodinvillle and providing life-saving surgery or medical care before finding them loving homes.

We are honored to announce that Homeward Pet Adoption Center will be the recipient of our very first Money Clouds Fundraising Drive. For the remainder of December, Money Clouds is asking you to help us raise at least $1,000 for Homeward Pet where 100% of funds raised will go towards items needed by the shelter.

With your help, we will be purchasing pet food and other items from the Homeward Pet “Wish List” and hand delivering them to the shelter in the name of Money Clouds’ wonderful customers.

In true Money Clouds fashion, we will be keeping you updated on our fundraising progress throughout the month and documenting the process so you can see the impact of your contributions first hand.

An example of where your contributions could be put to use:

The beaches of Baja La Paz, Mexico have become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs and cats. At any time you can find up to 50 animals barely surviving on whatever scrap of food they can find.  In early October, a local animal lover discovered a litter of discarded puppies, just 6 weeks old and starving, and secured a loving foster home to help nurse them back to health until placement could be found.

Terri Inglis, Homeward Pet’s Executive Director, received a call from Michelle McCormick, a local Washington resident and board member for Baja Dogs La Paz, a US based 501(c)3 nonprofit created specifically to help with spay & neuter education and rescue efforts of abandoned animals in the Baja La Paz area of Mexico. Michelle explained the challenges of adoption in the area and asked if Homeward Pet would consider accepting five very lovable and adoptable puppies.  Homeward Pet could not say no!

At four months old, five healthy, rambunctious yet slightly shy puppies were loaded into crates and boarded a plane bound for Seattle.  They arrived at the shelter on Sunday, November 29, very scared after their long adventure northward.  After three days in the shelter, they have relaxed and are enjoying the love and attention of the Homeward Pet staff and volunteers.  All of the puppies – 3 males and 2 females – have now received their health exams from the Homeward Pet veterinary team, been spayed or neutered and microchipped, and are now available for adoption.

To continue to help care for animals like the Baja puppies, Homeward Pet needs our help! With your support, we can continue to give every animal the life they deserve and a happy, joyful holiday!

Click the Cloud below to contribute to our efforts and please feel free to share this post. We are so deeply thankful for our wonderful customers, friends, and supporters.

To learn more about Homeward Pet Adoption Center, please visit their website.

*Money Clouds™ is wholly owned and operated by Quemulus, Inc. Quemulus is a for-profit company collecting funds on behalf of a 501c3. Contributions to this fundraising drive are not eligible for a tax refund.

Charlee Van Wagenen