Available Now! Money Clouds 1.10


Today we're pleased to announce Money Clouds 1.10. That's right, Money Clouds is available now and better than ever!

We have big news to share.

We’ve partnered with Dwolla, bringing some major payment and finance management upgrades to your Money Clouds account. With this latest version, not only can you continue to save money towards your personal goals, you can now share goals with the people who matter most to you. 

What’s New:

  • Shared Clouds - share your Clouds with a select group of friends. Those connections you’ve shared these Clouds with are the only ones that can see them, comment on them, and contribute funds to them.
  • Public Clouds - share your Clouds with the world. Public Clouds are visible to everyone within Money Clouds and anyone can comment on and contribute funds to these Clouds.
  • Payments - send payments to anyone.  You can now send payments from either your funded Clouds or from a linked bank account. For free.
  • Multiple Bank Accounts - you can now link up to six separate bank accounts to your Money Clouds account. Better yet? You can connect both checking and saving accounts!

Coming Soon:

  • Joint Clouds - you will be able to save and own funds together!  This is great for shared expenses of significant others, roommates, families, sports teams, etc. More details forthcoming!
  • Money Clouds for Android - we haven’t forgotten our Android friends! With the switch to Dwolla, development of Money Clouds for Android has resumed and will be available in Google Play soon. 

If you have any feedback, would like to request a new feature, or just want to say hello, send us an email at support@moneyclouds.com. 

Happy Saving! 

Your Money Clouds Team

Jason Conway